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Salami Fever, Pepe Deluxe
La Vie en Noir, André Smith
The Doogy Doo Chek, Guilty Children
Destination Jeunesse, Exit
She's my Little Jalapino, Mike Dyghe
Cool Dreams Never Dies, Robert Brandon
Winning Team, Jacques Rougeau & Karl Ouelette
I can Feel It, Hana
Leaving You, Natural Sequence
Sitting In the Park, In Full Effect
C'est Long, Barbe Rousse (Denis Martel)
Les Elephants Stellla, L'avenir à Ceux qui s'Éléphanteau
I'm a Individual, Mark "Jacko" Jackson
Rabio Adolescent, The unbelievables
Good Ol Boys, Jesse Lee & Rocky Swanson
Sign Of The Times, Grand Master Flash
It's My High School, Shuks of Sham
J'ai la Mort dans l'Âme, Sylvain et les Boîtes d'Enfer
Wild, Scissorkicks
Les Longs Couteaux, Transit
Back & Forth, Gamed
I keep, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Pandas, Corky & The Juice Pigs
Hey Beauté!, Mark O.
Bug Attack, Jake the Snake
The Simple Song, The Residents
Open Your Eyes, Ohm and the temple of sound